Dr. Murray Rudd, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciencesrudd

I started my career in private sector aquaculture and fisheries development. While working on tropical abalone farm development in Southeast Asia in the early-1990s, I saw the environmental damage that tiger prawn farm development was inflicting throughout the region. That provided me with the motivation to return to school and study environmental economics, policy, and governance – after an M.Sc. at UBC, I completed my Ph.D. in environmental sciences (agricultural and rural policy) at Wageningen University (Netherlands).

I now am of the opinion that getting economic and social incentives correct is necessary, but not sufficient, for protecting our environment in the face of ever-increasing pressure arising from a growing population, escalating affluence and consumption, and the many manifestations of global environmental change. In my view, we need changes in personal and societal values as well as in institutional evolution. Ultimately we need to consider how peoples’ worldviews influence both their behavior and their satisfaction with life in an environment where we increasingly bump up against hard environmental boundaries.

Outside of work, I love to travel, spend time in mountains, take pictures, and stay active (cycling and running primarily).

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Current post-doctoral researchers

Althea Moore (from Spring 2017)

Althea is a marine ecologist by training, currently expanding her research interests into science policy. She received her PhD in August 2016 from Northeastern University in the Hughes Lab. Her dissertation work focused on the ways that biotic and abiotic conditions influence species interactions in salt marsh and mangrove ecosystems. She also has a MS from William & Mary at VIMS where she studied seagrass communities in the Duffy lab. Her research on important and vulnerable coastal ecosystems has spurred to her interest in policy that influences marine environments. As a postdoc she is working on a Climate Research Roadmap effort to identify research priorities across sectors and disciplines that will help diverse stakeholders to understand and address climate change in the state of Georgia, through the broader Georgia Climate Project. Working with Dr. Rudd, she plans to continue with research examining connections between science and policy related to climate change and other environmental problems.

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Current research students (Emory University)

Angela Jiang (from Summer 2017). Environmental sustainability in Atlanta. 4+1 undergraduate / MSc program.

Aspen Ono (from Fall 2016). Environmental justice bibliometric analysis. Undergraduate independent studies project. Click on this link for a short summary of our 2016 visit to the Nairobi Earth Systems Governance conference.


Former research students (University of York)

2014-5. Ruby Grantham. Assessing the economic effects of environmental change on Mekong capture fisheries. M.Res. in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management (EEEM). Current position: PhD student, James Cook University, Australia.

2012-6. Abigail Sutton. The role of local champions in successful fisheries co-management institutions. PhD in EEEM.

2011-6. Xioawen Wang. Economics of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the aquatic environment in China. PhD in EEEM. Current position: Lecturer, Dalian University.

2011-5. Adam Hejnowicz. Integrative methods for evaluating the delivery of ecosystem services at the landscape level. PhD in EEEM. Current position: postdoctoral researcher, University of York.

2011-4. Ricky Lawton. Environmental science, economics, and policy: a context-sensitive approach to understanding the use of evidence in policy-making. PhD in EEEM. Current position: Senior economist, SImetrica, London, UK.

2010-3. Daniel Vecchiato. Valuing landscape preferences with perceptive and monetary approaches: two case studies in Italy. PhD in EEEM. Current position: Research Fellow, Department of Land and Agro-Forestry, University of Padua, Italy.

2010-2. Vivian Nguyen. Human dimensions of Pacific salmon bycatch mortality in the Fraser River. M.Sc. in Biology, Carleton University (external co-supervisor with Steve Cooke). Current position: PhD student, Carleton University.

2007-10. Jessica Wiegand. The ecosystem approach to environmental management. Environment Department, University of York (UK). PhD in EEEM. Current position: Research Manager, Karian & Box, York, UK.